Efficiency in business

Norcospectra Group aims to help the entire value chain achieve improved efficiency through responsible choice of suppliers, raw materials, production processes and transport. For many years, the Norcospectra Group have taken a serious approach to environmental and social responsibility, striving for long-term sustainable operations.

Sustainability requirements for suppliers

Ensuring sustainability throughout the value chain is important for Norcospectra Group. Projects often begin with ensuring that the suppliers conduct their operations in accordance with Norcospectra Group's sustainability requirements.

Energy efficient production

For a producer such as Norcospectra, it is significant to both reduce energy consumption overall, and to increase the proportion of renewable energy used. Active work in these areas is undertaken from both an environmental and cost-effectiveness perspective. The group's production facilities are being updated with modern systems to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency of various resources.


A significant part of the group's indirect emissions arise from transport to and from production facilities. Norcospectra Group work actively to reduce emissions while ensuring effective transport, and transport options are considered from both a cost and environmental perspective. Norcospectra's local presence and proximity to it's production facilities, reduces freight distances and cost for our customers. The opportunity to buy and produce locally, and minimize the environmental impacts of freight is very important in contract negotiations with customers.