Designing  your store.

Designing your store.

We are passionate about what we do and working closely with you ensures good solutions and results.

Experience and function

We are passionate about retail, shopping experience and functional store design. We have a lot of expertise and long experience - that we want to share with you!

Our design department is composed of skilled and dedicated employees with different academic backgrounds. This means that we complement each other and create better solutions for you as a customer. We believe in close cooperation and want to be a loyal and honest partner.

We quickly adapt to different customers and processes. Conceptual design, further development of existing store concept, product and element design, navigation and communication, customer flow and layout. We help you with what you need and a little more.

The most important thing for us is to give your customers the best customer experience based on the frameworks we define together.

“It is rewarding working with an creative processes that result in increased sales for the customer.”

Katrine Scott, Designer Norcospectra

Process based on experience

We start the creative process by outlining various conceptual ideas and thoughts. It is important to set some basic principles for how the store should appear and what should be emphasized.

After feedback and a check, we begin to prepare a concrete proposal. The proposal may contain concept drawings, navigation and communication, floor planning and material choices. We start with the customer journey and focus on a good and intuitive shopping experience.

The end result

When the concept is set, drawings are sent to our engineers as quality assurance for production. We often order a prototype to secure the solutions before it’s rolled out in the store.

With partners in graphical design and communication, lighting, flooring, furniture, plants and what else you might need, we can offer " A full package". We always make sure that the elements contribute to the overall experience. In a digital world with competition from all sides, we have found that the key to survival is to give the customer that little extra that makes them return.