New store from A - Z

Norcospectra is here for you. We can assist with everything, from concept development and layout to turnkey store, or only production and delivery of a single product. You decide.

Creativity, knowledge and consulting

Creativity, knowledge and consulting

We follow up our customers at all levels. With expertise in many areas, you can rest assured that we will guide you through the full process.


The Norcospectra Group are passionate about design and is working hard to develop new shopfittings and concepts in line with current trends and styles.

Good interior design should reflect your brand. Our design team is therefore multidisciplinary and consists of product and industrial designers, civil architects, retail designers and visual merchandisers.

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With long experience in customer flows, we plan your shop for you. For us it is important to pay attention to stopping points, sight lines, communication, navigation and not least, the customer's total experience. If desired, we also help you with product exposure.

We give you the tools you need to create the optimal store.

Production, delivery and installation

Production, delivery and installation

Flexibility, speed and economy are important. In our factories, we have routines and processes that give you less to think about. We plan and build for you!

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Construction, orders and production

With our own production units in Poland and local suppliers in Sweden, we have a short distance to production. Our facilities are order-based and produce continuously. That means you get your goods faster.

The right product to the right quality. We have product engineers both in Norway, Sweden and in Poland who quality assure that your products have the function, the look and the quality that has been agreed.

Project management, delivery and installation.

We do not only provide store fittings and furnishing but everything you need. If you need help building your store, we can assist you. We have a wide network of craftsmen who are used to working with retail. To make it easy for you, we can manage the whole building process. We coordinate it all according to your specifications while you can sit back and concentrate on the most important thing. The right item in the right place at the right time.

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