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Dear Customer,


With the prevailing COVID-19 situation, we would like to inform you about the preventive measures Norcospectra has taken to protect our employees and customers.


What we are facing is an exceptional situation for Norcospectra as a company and the retail industry as a whole. However, Norcospectras units are currently in full operation.


This means that:


- We do not currently see any restrictions in our commitment to our customers and partners and are currently in full operation.

 - We encourage employees to have customer and supplier meetings online instead of physical meetings.

 - We have provided full opportunities for those who are able to work from home

 - We are constantly repeating and emphasizing the importance of staying home at the slightest symptoms of colds and flu.

 - We comply with the recommendations of the public health authority regarding hygiene and social distance

 - We practice working from home for 14 days after traveling in risk areas.


We will monitor the COVID-19 situation continuously and will update with new information if anything should change in the future.


Ove Opseth CEO

Norcospectra Group

Norcospectra Group Management


Ove Opseth

CEO Norcospectra Group

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Henrik Janzen

Digitalization and Marketing Manager

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Kurt Erik Frøysa

Managing Director Norway

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Rafał Kilian

Managing Director Poland

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+48 23 671 49


Bert Martinsson 

Sales Manager Sweden

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+46 372 251 25


Carina Plars

CFO Norcospectra Group

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Jens Sonnbjer

H R director Norcospectra Group

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Ridhi Sharma

Finance Assistant Norcospectra Group

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