Customer case

AniCura Rygge Eng

AniCura sees the potential!

AniCura is a family of prominent animal hospitals and animal clinics that specialize in small animals, based on the idea that united resources create opportunities for improving veterinary treatment. Norcospectra was tasked with looking at what could be done with the store part, and helping the chain promote its products in the best possible way.



Animal health experts

With animal health expertise, the clinics have the advantage of being able to recommend what is right for your pet. AniCura is constantly growing and has bought several animal clinics. The veterinarians are specialists in their field, but may not be as skilled in sales and product placement. With a more customized store concept, there is a large potential for increasing sales in the stores.


Bright and clean concept

Our assignment was to develop a common store concept that reflects their proud values and knowledge. In cooperation with the customer we agreed to create a bright and clean concept. To achieve this, we decided on a material palette consisting mainly of white-lacquered steel (which is easy to maintain) in combination with wood, for a warmer and whiter atmosphere. We wanted to offer a simple but welcoming store concept. Focus on function and a tidy layout concept was important.



Thor Evensen, Drifts- og Markedssjef Norge

The Journey

It has been an incredibly exciting process. For us, it was a new experience to work out a concept where we had to take into considerations. When the main customer is a pet, interesting issues arise. Among other things, this resulted in various solutions to shield the lower goods from extra inquisitive friends, as well as to arrange for shelves that can withstand the weight of heavy bags of lining and sand. Despite new challenges, the concept development phase has been the same as for any other customer. We focused on creating a room that promotes sales!


We wanted to offer a store concept where the customers got a good overview and could easily navigate to the right item. As such the concept, placed  considerable emphasis on graphic surfaces. There is room for category labeling, photo and description of the products. Great pictures of pets in different categories reinforce the category labeling and help customers to navigate. Photos of people with their pets promote AniCura's understanding of how important a pet is to its owners. It was important to make room for product description and sales information for the many different specialty products sold. In this way, the veterinarians can promote their skills without having to be present at all times. We are pleased that we had the opportunity to cooperate with AniCura and are proud of the results we achieved together!