Customer case

Naturkompaniet - Halmstad Eng

Client: Naturkompaniet

Place: Halmstad, Sweden

Architect: Naturkompaniet

Project managers: Åsa Grönlund


Naturkompaniet - Halmstad

We have delivered a new store concept to Naturkompaniet and their store in Halmstad. What began as an idea for an A-surface grew to become Naturkompaniet’s latest concept. The new store concept is based on a strong natural style with natural-colored colors. It is important for Naturkompaniet that visitors experience nature when they visit their store. Therefore, the store focuses on an improved test environment where clothes, shoes and other products can be tested as in nature, for example on a hiking trail. For Naturkompaniet it’s important that the interior is flexible so that it’s easy to refurbish because Naturkompaniet stores have many seasonal items.

In addition to the project in Halmstad, We have helped Naturkompaniet implement the new concept in other Scandinavian countries, where Naturkompaniet stores outside Denmark (DA) and Partioaitta (FI) are located. KS Projekt has also collaborated closely with Globetrotter, Naturkompaniet’s counterpart in Germany, by further developing the concept of fitting in Germany, investing in City Stores, focusing on personal service and better knowledge communication to customers. In Germany, a “Care & Repair Station” enables product reparation in an environmentally friendly way which is a good addition to the concept.