Customer case

Oscar Jacobson - Nedre Slottsgate Oslo eng

Client: Oscar Jacobson

Place: Oslo, Norway

Architect: Boys Don’t Cry

Project Managers: Henrik Ziegert

Oscar Jacobson - Oslo

In the middle of Oslo, Oscar Jacobson has opened their doors to another new concept store. The store is located at Nedre Slottsgate 23 and is met by a stylish facade that is carefully designed by the client and architect. KS Projekt has been an integral part of Oscar Jacobson’s stores – from construction, delivery, and installation of floors, ceilings, painting, lighting, and shop fittings. The appearance of the premises together with Oscar Jacobson’s interior creates an inviting feel.

The garments are presented in an excellent way directly when entering the store. The oak panels make their way along the walls, while the sample compartment in the back of the store attracts warm tones from the drapes that are carefully fitted to stylish corners. A well-planned store and a well-run project.