Creating your ultimate sales arena

Creating your ultimate sales arena

Dear Customer

With the prevailing COVID-19 situation, we would like to inform you about the preventive measures Norcospectra has taken to protect our employees and customers.

What we are facing is an exceptional situation for Norcospectra as a company and the retail industry as a whole. However, Norcospectras units are currently in full operation.

This means that:

  • We do not currently see any restrictions in our commitment to our customers and partners and are currently in full operation.
  • We encourage employees to have customer and supplier meetings online instead of physical meetings.
  • We have provided full opportunities for those who are able to work from home
  • We are constantly repeating and emphasizing the importance of staying home at the slightest symptoms of colds and flu.
  • We comply with the recommendations of the public health authority regarding hygiene and social distance
  • We practice working from home for 14 days after traveling in risk areas.

We will monitor the COVID-19 situation continuously and will update with new information if anything should change in the future.

Ove Opseth CEO

Norcospectra Group

Norcospectra AS

Hovfaret 4C

N-0275 Oslo


Norcospectra Sp.z o.o

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PL-06-400 Ciechanów


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Norcospectra Group Management

Ove Opseth
CEO Norcospectra Group 70 589 76 18
Henrik Janzen
Digitalization and Marketing Manager 70 617 36 96
Kurt Erik Frøysa
Managing Director Norway 95 14 56 69
Rafał Kilian
Managing Director Poland 602 578 350
Bert Martinsson
Sales Manager Sweden 705 614 450
Carina Plars
CFO Norcospectra Group 70 859 65 57
Jens Sonnbjer
HR Director Norcospectra Group 76 564 73 13
Ridhi Sharma
Finance Assistant Norcospectra Group 70 055 10 01